Hello and thank you for visiting my site!
My name is Lizzy van Gelder and I am a recent graduate from the Design Academy Eindhoven.
We worked on both conceptual design and hands-on work and the projects were very broad and free.
This allowed us to find our own signature as a designer.

I especially enjoy working in Blender and Unreal Engine with the MoCap suit from Rokoko and have been improving my skillset in these programs for the past few years.​​​​​​​
In my spare time, I like to work on both designing and realising costumes & props. I try to push the limit on what is possible to make some of my projects look even more magical and real. Through this hobby I have learned to work and experiment with different materials and techniques but also how to realise concept drawings.
What do I want to learn?
One of the things that I enjoy doing most is bringing my visions to life. It helps to have nice and clear (3D) sketches before starting the process. I would love to learn to sketch better, faster and clearer. Next to this, I would like to see other people's design process, from start to finish, to see how I could learn from their ways of thinking and working. And I would like to learn about different materials, their opportunities and how they can be used, so that I have a broader view on what is possible in the future.
Where do I see myself in the future?
I have always been inspired by film and tv. Creating stories, characters andd locations has been something I have enjoyed doing and still do. Where I see myself in the future is therefore in the film and series industry, working behind the scenes, help written down stories come to life. 
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