This project is nominated for the Melkweg award and will be exhibited during the Dutch Design Week 2023.
The project is about the current war in Ukraine. It is a videogame set in a colourful, happy world with uplifting music. There are four locations where, if entered, the camera shifts to a real-life video of a bombing in Ukraine. After, the colours in the game desaturate and the music pitch changes. The change in perspective (from happy surroundings to a real video) provokes different emotions and discussion. The player feels conflicted about the great contrast between the two perspectives and makes them think about how the warzone in Ukraine is very close to home and how we are all going on with our day-to-day life acting like nothing is happening. On top of this, you as the player are the one sending the soldiers to these locations, demonstrating how leaders like Putin send their troops into a warzone without thinking about the life of both the soldiers and the civilians. It brings up the contrasting emotions and make the player think about the current situation.
Made in Unreal Engine. All assets also made by me in Blender.

The game will be available on Steam in October.
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